Alan de Veritch: The Businessman and Politician


3375websiteThe Businessman and Politician

By the age of 30, Alan de Veritch, had made the decision to transition from his extremely unique and successful international career as a world-class performer and recording artist of classical music … the world of business!

Fascinated by his own personal experiences with….and intensive study of ….investment real estate, he became almost obsessed with the vast opportunities afforded by the real estate industry.

Wasting no time at all he quickly acquired both a real estate salesperson and broker’s license from the State of California. This was quickly followed by his creation of a high-end residential development firm and ultimately both a real estate sales/management organization and mortgage company boasting a staff of more than 150 strong.

During the ten years Mr. de Veritch served as President and CEO of his companies he established himself as a true leader and educator within the real estate and financial industry. It is no wonder that his credentials include Presidencies of both his local Association of Realtors and his local Arts Commission as well as Acting-Mayor of his community and major advisory positions to the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor and the Bank of Beverly Hills where he served as a valuable member of their Board of Advisors for several years.

Additionally he served as a Director of the California Association of Realtors and as their Chairman for Real Estate Education. Designated a “Master Instructor of Real Estate Education” he was also recognized for his role as author /co-author of several of the official continuing education courses required of California real estate licensees. These courses include: Agency Law, Marketing, Condominium and Co-op Ownership. Mr. de Veritch served for several years as one of the only NON-attorneys certified to train hearing panels for duty in real estate industry grievance and arbitration cases.

While active with the California Association of Realtors Mr. de Veritch often traveled to Sacramento and Washington DC to meet with legislators on behalf of Private Property Rights and Organized Real Estate. His contacts from prior military service as a White House staff member during both the Johnson and Nixon Administrations only seemed to enhance these efforts.

Following the sale of his companies in 1990 Mr. deVeritch served as a business consultant focusing most of his efforts on helping numerous corporations solve a variety of their internal problems. It was also during this time period that he became involved as a member of the sales management team for Body-Wise Pharmaceuticals.

From 1994 thru May 2012 Mr. deVeritch focused the majority of his efforts as a Professor of Music at Indiana University’s world-renowned Jacobs Schools of Music where in addition to his teaching duties he served as Acting Chairman of the String Instrument Department and assisted with the oversight of the Music School’s $40 million annual budget.

Following his retirement from Indiana University in 2012 Alan accepted the position of “Director of Business Development” for Innovative Surgical Designs, a Bloomington-based Med-Tech company specializing in revolutionary technology for spinal surgery. Simultaneously he is authoring several books including a novel and his autobiography.

Alan also holds Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor ratings from the FAA and is rated in 16 makes and models of single and multi-engine aircraft.


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