The Art of Sensuality and its Impact on Great String Playing

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"The Art of Sensuality and its Impact on Great String Playing"Alan de Veritch’s dynamic new book, “The Art of Sensuality and its Impact on Great String Playing” is now available in three formats: Hard cover, paperback and e-book.

At long last Alan de Veritch’s unique and revolutionary approach for expanding an individual’s awareness of their inner most feelings and emotions in an effort to encourage and maximize a young string player’s potential for expressive musical communication is finally available in print!

This book will better help talented young string players to truly understand the vital importance of playing their instruments expressively while providing them (and their teachers) with the means and tools necessary for facilitating meaningful journeys into their inner most selves while at the same time stimulating them to use the insights gained from these personal journeys to unlock and maximize their potential for expressive musical communication.

Additionally the way in which most human beings tend to take “sensuality” for granted in our daily lives is addressed and readers are strongly encouraged to actively reverse this trend through the use of a number of “sensual” exercises described within this book.

The author is hopeful that this publication will trigger a desire within each of his readers to further explore their own minds, imaginations and feelings in an attempt to make each and every day of their lives more creative, meaningful, productive, valuable and precious.


Table of Contents


Chapter I – Instrumental Technique & Making Music: Making the Connection

Identifies and describes one of the most serious deficiencies perpetuated by talented young string players and teachers alike and establishes the motivation for this publication. The reader is reminded that when it comes to making music… instrumental technical proficiency is only a means to an end…not the end itself!

From the moment an individual holds a musical instrument in their hands they must constantly be reminded of the necessity for maintaining a continuous blending of technical instrumental proficiency and expressive musical communication.

Chapter II – Getting to Truly Know the Inner You

This chapter identifies the two major qualities shared by the most successful stage performers and attempts to convince the reader of the critical need for an individual’s sincere knowledge and understanding of their deepest inner- most self if they are to truly become a self-confident individual and performer. Filled with my ideas for developing such personal insight the issue of vulnerability is also discussed along with it’s relationship to self- confidence.

Chapter III – Visualization

Here we are all about learning why and how to turn moods created by musical thematic material into strong visual images and ultimately vivid and personal storylines. The relationship between motion picture film and film music is discussed as is the importance of our visual sense with respect to our other human senses.

Chapter IV – Introduction to Sensuality

What is “Sensuality” and how does it effect our daily lives? How does it impact the making of expressive music? What are the benefits of encouraging significant awareness of all of our senses and how best can one efficiently accomplish such a goal? For the purposes of our discussions in this chapter I have intentionally removed “sexuality” from the equation.

Chapter V – Developing YOUR Sensuality

This chapter describes, in detail, actual exercises to heighten one’s awareness of and sensitivity to “touch”. Any reader taking these exercises and the associated instructions seriously will be amazed by the awesome feelings and sensations generated as a result of this process.

Chapter VI – Reconnecting the Two “S’s”

Now it’s time to finally bring “sexuality” and “sensuality” together. This chapter clarifies the difference between “sensuality” and “sexuality” while defining the role “sexuality” itself plays in our quest for expressive musical communication. Also included in this chapter is an exploration of the words “Intensity” and “Anticipation” and their impact on the success of my methodology.

Chapter VII – Putting It All Together

This is where I summarize all of the material covered in this book in an attempt to simplify my actual curriculum/methodology and clarify any of the more typical questions and/or misconceptions. Additionally, I take this opportunity to present two final, related practice theories in which I strongly believe…and… ultimately conclude with my sincere hope that this project will, indeed, positively impact at least one young artist or mentor.

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