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Ever since the recent release of my new book, “The Art of Sensuality and its Impact on Great String Playing”, I have been strongly encouraged to create and maintain an ongoing blog for the purpose of regularly sharing many of my thoughts, beliefs and philosophies with regards to the teaching and performance of the viola. It has also been suggested that this topic be broadened, on occasion, to additionally include some of my personal views on life in general!

After a reasonable amount of supportive research and reassurance I have enthusiastically made the decision to move forward with the creation of such a project in hopes of establishing a credible, user-friendly and beneficial public forum targeted to these issues.

My goal is to initially post new material on a weekly basis. I believe this will provide a reasonable amount of time for reader response and input as well as some general discussion stimulated by particular postings.

My plan is to activate notifications of each of my new blog posts on both Twitter and Facebook. Additionally I will maintain an “Archives” of the posted blogs on my website and will encourage actual subscriptions to this blog.

Please feel free to share this blog with all of your friends and colleagues and I truly look forward to your responses, comments and questions. Please keep them coming!!!

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